Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Made That!?

Why yes, I did!!  And trust me....you can make one too!  :))   

A couple weeks ago I was scrolling through one of my favorite blogs:  www.tidymom.net
And she had posted about this cute and easy scarf she found instructions to on another blog she visits....
everybody is just passing this idea along...so thought I would join the club so that you can do it too!!

So here is the scarf I am gonna show you how to MAKE out of a T-SHIRT!  And also, here is my sweet handsome two year old...that I love to pieces ;)  Okay, okay...moving along....

(Note:  This was the day UK played in the final four game, so therefore I made a royal blue scarf, in hopes that they would WIN....well, it turns out my blue good luck scarf had no pull :(((  Oh well....we are Dodgers baseball fans around here, so it can serve two purposes!) 

XL T-Shirt
9-inch Paper Plate

I want to apologize once again for the TERRIBLE lighting in these photos, because my dining room lighting is sooooo dark at night.  So these pictures are kind of orange -- and the blue shirt does not look truly blue.  

First you need to go to Wal-Mart (or your husband's drawer ;)  and get you an XL T-shirt.   I have a feeling husband's are gonna be searching the house for missing T-shirts after this....sorry men!  I found a sleeveless shirt, because it's the only thing royal blue I could find, so I used it and it worked just fine.  

Then, lay it flat, and take your paper plate and trace around it.  You will want at least 4 circles.  I did another one with 6 circles, and I like that one better, it's more full.  

Once you have your circles traced, cut the circles out.  You will want to cut though both sides of the shirt, so that when you finish with a circle, you actually have two circles.

Next, you are going to cut this circle in a spiral pattern...

Take your spiral and pull both ends straight and tight -- not too hard to where you will rip the fabric....but tight enough to make the fabric "spiral".

Repeat all the steps until all your circles are spiraled :)  Once they are all done, put them together, and tie around your neck...and VOILA!  A new scarf that's lightweight and good for any kind of weather :)

And it's super easy!  My sister who claims herself as "uncrafty" and swears there is not a crafty bone in her body, made one with me the other night.  She made a cute orangey-melon colored one, and I made a kelly green one, which I love.  The one pictured here is made with just 8 circles, that includes the front and back of the shirt.  And the green one not pictured, I used 12 circles, which was including front in back...in other words 6 circles traced instead of 4...and it turned out fuller, which I like.  Also, I made my spiral a little thinner, and it made the scarf a bit longer, which I like too :)  

If any of you are confused at all about how to do this, here is a link to watch the tutorial that TidyMom posted on her site, she has a link of a video that helps you to understand it even more :))  She also makes a cute flower you can attach to your scarf, if you like that kinda thing!  

Here's the link:  

Hope you try this at home!!  Please, let me know if you do....I LOVE feedback!!!!
Have a GREAT Tuesday :))